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ezQuake is constantly evolving, and there are a number of ways to contribute.

Write some code

The central repository for ezQuake is stored on GitHub. ezQuake is open to new developers, feel free to experiment and submit pull requests.

Write some documentation

Documentation doesn't always keep up with code changes, and ezquake's is no different. There is a lot of information in older guides on SourceForge, that need updated and ported over to GitHub Pages (repo).

If you notice errors in the documentation for console variables or commands (available in-game through the /describe command), feel free to let us know. Even better, modify the help files and submit pull requests as above.

Report bugs

Help us improve the client by reporting bugs here. If you can, please include any steps you use to reproduce the bug, any screenshots showing examples of the problem, etc. The easier it is for us to replicate, the quicker we can get it fixed.

Feature requests

We consider all reasonable feature requests, and try to support the QuakeWorld community in whatever it needs. The best place to start is to discuss new ideas on the forums. If it captures the imagination of the community then it is more likely to be included in a future release.