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External Textures

(this topic was ported quickly from old documentation and needs updated)

24-bit Textures

This client supports textures replacement. You can replace textures of old maps with some new pictures. Just download a texture pack and extract it to your ./qw/textures path.

We recommend Quake Revitalization Project and QuakeWorld GFX at

You can place all the textures in the root directory of the textures dir (see above) or you can create sub-dirs for each map there. E.g. ./qw/textures/dm4/ contains textures to be used only in map The Bad Place.

Console background

You can replace the picture that is used as an console background. This file must be named conback.png and placed into ./qw/gfx directory. You can download some console backgrounds from here.

Console font

Console font, called charset, is a picture of special format that goes into ./charsets directory. You can download fonts here.

Once place there, use /loadcharset command with the name of the file with your desired console font.

In order to avoid visual artifacts, it is important to use a console font that matches your console resolution - more details here


You can switch between some inbuilt crosshairs using the crosshair command giving it an integer number as a parameter. E.g. crosshair 4 gives you simple square.

You can also create a crosshair for yourself in 24-bit colors with alpha-transparency! Save your image as a 24-bit PNG picture with alpha-transparency channel and place it into /qw/crosshairs directory. Presume, you've created file 'mycross.png'. Then type in the console crosshairimage mycross and your crosshair will appear on the screen.

You can download crosshairs from here.

Other commands for manipulation with crosshairs: /crosshairsize, /crosshairalpha, /crosshaircolor


You can also replace textures used as the sky. Textures used as a replacement must have a special naming convetion: each file name consist of these parts: [basename][part][extension], where

Those files goes to your ./qw/env directory

E.g: You want to use skybox called ‘Day’. Then you have to have files daybk.tga, daydn.tga, dayft.tga, daylf.tga, dayrt.tga and dayup.tga in your skyboxes directory. Then you just type /loadsky day into the console.

You can also use /skygroup command to define rules to use different sky textures in different maps.


You can use custom player skins. Create an pcx image and place it into your ./qw/skins directory.

E.g.: You have abc.pcx, use teamskin abc command to use that image as a player skin for your teammates. Other commands are /enemyskin, /teamquadskin, /teampentskin, /teambothskin, /enemyquadskin, /enemypentskin, /enemybothskin.

You can download skins here.

Head up display images

You can alter you gfx.wad using AdQuedit tool or you can use some hi-res 24-bit pictures instead. Those files go into your ./qw/textures/wad directory.

You can download HUD graphics here.