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Frag Tracker

(this topic was ported quickly from old documentation and needs updated)

The tracker allows you to view brief info about ‘hot’ fragging action going on in game, for example ‘Foobar is on killing spree, 10 frags in a row!’

Now you can also move frag messages out of usual notification area (and console) and view them in a more friendly readable way in a different place.

To enable it you have to have fragfile.dat in your ./ezquake/ or ./qw/ directory and have following variables set (type them into the console or into your qw config):

/cl_parsefrags 1
/cl_loadfragfiles 1
/r_tracker_frags 2

The text resolution setting, /con_width must be set to at least 512.

/r_tracker_frags values.

You can turn off standard frag messages in console with:

Other customization can be done with these variables.

The gender in killing spree messages will depend on the /gender cvar set by the player (this also requires server support)