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Server Browser

(this topic was ported quickly from old documentation and needs updated - specifically, it needs updated with regards Qizmo & QTV)

ezQuake’s Server Browser works pretty much like GameSpy except that it is much faster and more accurate. It allows you to use master servers, source files, add servers to lists manually, search for specific servers or players, sort them by several criteria and supports Qizmo when connecting to servers (you connect to a Qizmo and then choose a server to connect to in the ezQuake Server Browser and ezQuake will automatically use that Qizmo if you set it up to do so).

Basic Information

The Server Browser uses the “sources.txt” file located in ezquake/sb/ directory. Files containing their own server lists must be in this directory as well. The format of a source file is as follows:

<type> “<name>” <address>


master “Poland”

Do not put quotes around the 1st or 3rd parameters.

Adding add a master server to your sources-list:

The new source will now be saved in sources.txt

Adding a custom list of servers

To add a custom list of servers, you must create a file source, populated with the servers you want included.

The new source will now be saved in sources.txt

Bookmarking servers

In the Server Browser there is also a sourcetype DUMMY called UNBOUND. When adding servers from console (using command /addserver ip:port) these will be placed into this temporary source. You can use this sourcetype for bookmarking.


You are playing on a server and people want to change server. They give you an unknown ip and you want to add it for later use. You use the command “addserver ip:port” and the server will be placed in source-type “DUMMY - TEMP” for bookmarking.

Moving servers between source-files:

When looking at the serverinfo you can move a server to another source-file by clicking on the “sources” menu-flag.


You have your private serverlist called serverlist.txt, add that as file under sources. You update a master server and find a server you want on your private list. Press [ENTER] on the server and go to “source”. Highlight “serverlist” and and press [ESC]. Go to sources and highlight only your own serverlist. Now the server will be updated on your list.

How to update sources

In ezQuake select the Server Browser menu, switch to the “sources” column with the right-arrow key, press [SPACE] to update the sources.

How to scan servers

In ezQuake select the Server Browser menu, switch to the “servers” column and press [SPACE] to scan the servers.

Columns available in servers/players list
Server Browser keys

In “servers” list:

In “sources” list:

In “players” list:

Server Browser commands

/addserver <ip:port>

This allows you to add a server to the UNBOUND source. This can be used to quickly bookmark servers.


This will open the the Server Browser menu. This is the same as accessing it via the main menu, but you can bind this to a key.

Server Browser variables

Please refer to Server Browser variables manual section for updated list of variables.