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Voice Support

(this topic was ported quickly from old documentation and needs updated)

ezQuake contains in-game voice support, ported from FTEQW.


For full voice support you need the following:



To be able to also send voice, set /cl_voip_send 1

This is the very basic setting after which you will need some fine-tuning of your microphone.


There are two modes of sending the voice:

For start you will want to test your settings in the manual mode. Simply type /+voip into the console for that. A volume meter should show at the left-bottom of your screen, suggesting you how loud the signal from your microphone is. You can adjust this by /cl_voip_micamp variable.

If you cannot see any meter on your screen, it means that you either have old client version, or you are connected to server without voice support, or you have connected via QWfwd or Qizmo, or you are missing the speex libraries.

Finally, the most important setting for voice-activated mode is the threshold of the activation. The threshold is controlled via the /cl_voip_vad_threshhold variable (note the double H). Default value is 15, the lower the value is, the more sensitive the activation will be. So when you set this variable to zero, voice will be always activated.

At last, the meter works in two modes - either it will be shown only when you are sending your voice, in the other mode it will be shown permanently. The /cl_voip_showmeter variable toggles between these modes. Use values 1 and 2 respectively.

The volume of the incoming voices can be adjusted with the /s_raw_volume variable.

Server commands

Server commands let you control who hears your voice comms, and who , you can choose who your messages are sent to via /cmd voicetarg command.

Controlling who can hear you:

Controlling who you hear:

These commands instruct the server to stop sending data, so cut down on data you receive. To turn off voice, use /cl_voip_play 0

Variables summary