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ezQuake Manual - Command line

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Tue 07-Oct-2003)

Command line

For command line configuration use a program called ezstart.exe. QW can of course be started by simply doubleclicking on the executable, but there are a few command line parameters which should be used to make QW run even better and which can sometimes solve problems as well. The easiest way is to create a shortcut or even better a batch (.bat) file for starting QW. The most important command line parameters are described below:

So your QW starting command line could look something like this then:

ezquake-gl.exe -noscripts -ruleset smackdown -heapsize 81920 -zone 8192 -sndbits 16 -sndspeed 48000 -dinput -m_smooth -bpp 16 -width 640 -conwidth 640 +set vid_displayfrequency 85 +set s_khz 44

There are a few more commands which are not commonly used. For an explanation on those refer to the Quake and QW readme files.