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ezQuake Manual - DM2: Claustrophobopolis

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Tue 07-Oct-2003)

DM2: Claustrophobopolis


DM2 is one of the “big three” teamplay maps for QW. It is quite different from the other maps because it’s quite small with its tight corridors and offers a lot more armor than any other map. Also respawns are quite easy to camp here. This often enables good teams to spawnrape their enemies and scores high up in the hundreds. On the other hand, DM2 is also famous for exciting comeback games which are decided by a few frags. The layout with the many switches, platforms, lifts and lava makes it very confusing to people new to the map but with a few tricks the dreaded lava is easily avoided.

Items available




Important areas

There are 3 important areas in Claustrophobopolis: The Area containing the quaddamage and an RL, the Nailgun/YA area where both a RA and a YA are to be found and finally the low RL area. All areas are well interconnected with at least two entrances . There is also a huge room where one can find another two YAs and which is often used to launch attacks on the quad area. The floor of that huge room can be removed temporarily by a switch reveiling the lava beneath it but doing so is both dangerous and usually useless.

The back room contains a Super shotgun, some rockets and most importantly a RA and a Megahealth. One can get those either by pressing a switch wdich will create a bridge and going through the RL room to reach it or by jumping over to the ledge. There is also a teleporter there leading into the hall which is often used for escaping from Quad attacks.

There are plenty of shortcuts on this map. Usually they either involve strafe jumping or rocket jumps. One of the most common jumps and probably the first one every quake player learns is the jump over the lava from the low RL room to the back room. Getting to the RA and Megahealth there also involves a strafe jump over the lava to avoid having to press butons. Another popular jump is the shortcut to the low YA throught the columns confining that lava pool. One of the trickier jumps is from the high RL to the Quad.

Rocketjumps are usually used to get to the Quad area without using the teleporter at YA. These are very common, but there it is also possible to rocketjump from the stairs in the big room directly to the Greande Launcher or the high entrance to the Quad area. Another shortcut is the so called “Quad ladder”. Standing on the middle step under the Quad enables a teammate to jump on your head and to the Quad from there. This is often seen at the start of the map when players cannot rocketjump yet and sometimes its funny because an enemy accidently uses your help.

Basic strategies

Basically the strategy on DM2 is to control all three important areas Quad, Nailgun/YA, low RL and then respawn rape. But this sound easier than it is and requires good teamplay, skill and powerup/weapon/armor respawn timing. Usually one guy would camp the low YA thus locking the main entry to the Quad and a upper RL. But this position is quite vulnerable for attacks from the secret RA so someone should always be around to take this armor and to intercept attacks from the low RL and to help out at Quad if necessary.

The Quadrunner is usually occupied with keeping the Quad area clean from attackers and attacking with Quad himself. The classic Quadrun leads into the low RL room where he would frag as many enemies as possible and then leave through the tele in the back room once Quad runs out. Last but not least someone tries to camp the low RL. His job is to take the RL whenever it appears and also to time the RA and the Megahealth in the back room. Locking the low RL is a major relieve for teammates on the other side of the map.