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ezQuake Manual - DM3: The Abandoned Base

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Sat 16-Oct-2004)

DM3: The Abandoned Base


If there is one level that could be considered the grand-daddy of all teamplay maps, it should be DM3. Together with DM2 it was already present in the first public test release of Quake. Offering great strategic possibilities and an incredible amount of tricks to master, it has been popular since. Primarily used for deathmatch teamgames, other maps used for the same purpose - even in different games - have been compared to it.

Items available




Important areas

DM3 is really split in 2 parts where the main connection between them is in one central atrium. One side of the map contains the Quad, the three strongest weapons and the Yellow armor; the other contains only the two nailguns, the RA and a Megahealth. It is possible to get from the strong part to the weak part by another way, but this is not often used as it involves a few slow (and noisy) platforms. The Pentagram and one Megahealth are in this area however. The remaining Megahealth sits right in the middle of the level while the Ring is also placed centrally, right across the Quad.

Over the years DM3 has evolved from a huge map into an environment that can be navigated amazingly quick. Rocketjumps and other tricks to get around fast are essential for survival here

To name just a few: jumps across the central area, from the Quad side to the Ring side; several jumps in the RA area to cut the time to reach in half; rocket jumps from the outside areas back to the high window; jumps from the bridge to the RL. The top players perform many, many more.

Basic strategies

The main strategy is simple: keep weapons, armors and Quad away from the enemy. The execution has changed quite a bit over the years however. Whereas people tended to just stay near the RL in the early days, teams now tend to focus a lot of attention on the RA. The Ring and especially the Pentagram that appear every five minutes can send a real shockwave through the game with more often then not over half of the players ending up in tiny bits.