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ezQuake Manual - DM6: The Dark Zone

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Tue 07-Oct-2003)

DM6: The Dark Zone


The Dark Zone has always been a classic 1on1 and 2on2 map. Its popularity as a map for teamplay differs alot depending on your location on the globe. While it is a true test of raw skills (aim, movement and predictions) for some, it is a messy chaos for others. Usually a match here is very action packed and exciting for the players, while watching a match here can be quite boring because of the frag, frag, kill, frag, kill, frag, frag style. DM6 is a very good map to play for less experienced players because it’s easy to understand and play in comparison to the other classic teamplay maps.

Items available




Important areas

All games on DM6 evolve around controlling the RA area. Once that area is cleared, control is extended to the other parts of the map. Together with the RA you control one of the two RLs. The second one is on the other side of the map in a small room together with the megahealth. In the central area all other areas are connected on two different levels. The GL sits on the upper ledge and a shootable platform reveals the entrance to the LG room with the Ring.

The most common shortcuts are of course all sorts of rocketjumps up to the RA. Taking the stairs instead is slow and deadly. Skilled rocketjumpers can perform flat but long jumps form the long entrance directly onto the armor, often surprising the RA guards Multiple use of teleporters is also often used as shortcut. This “double’ teleporting’ sometimes results in telefragged teammates though. Bunnyhopping and especially adding speed to them through rocketjumps has also become common. For example it is possible to master the gap in the GL area with just one jump this way.

One of the less common shortcuts involves a bug with the Ligthning gun platform. When someone hits it with the LG, it will go up in the air for a glimps of a second. With the right timing you can rocketjump to the upper ledge near the GL. A direct rocketjump from the center floor is very difficult and not usually attempted in matches.

Basic strategies

Both in teamplay and duel the basic strategy is to control and take the RA. Usually one or two guys camp there. Camping the other rocketlauncher is also a key to win this map. The fourth member of a team ideally covers some of the entrances (and respawn points) in the center from the GL area.

Every five minutes the ring respawns and it is often used to attack and overtake RA. Due to the nature and the size of the map it is not possible to really lock it down except when the skill gap between the teams is very large. Therefore, games here are usually quite exciting with control and lead changing constantly.