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ezQuake Manual - E1M2: Castle of the Damned

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Tue 07-Oct-2003)

E1M2: Castle of the Damned


E1M2, Castle of the Damned, is both a classic teamplay and duel map. A lot of important matches took place here, like the one in which Tresh won his Ferrari in the Red Annihilation tournament or the famous games between Deathrow and Clan 9. As a teamplay map it has always been the map of the top clans who are able to score bigtime here against weaker teams and as soon as two equally skilled teams meet here you can be sure to see and exciting match. E1M2 favours teamplay and good communication over personal skill and this is probably the reason for its huge popularity.

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Important areas

The most important area on E1M2 is the area spanning the YA area, over the GL room to the Quad area. Most of the action during a match takes place there and strategy evolves around controlling both YA and Quad. Contrary to any other map, the room where the RL is located is of minor significance. An area that should not be neglected is the Megahealth area near the single player level exit. Attacks are often launched from there. Then there is also the bridge leading to the YA area which has some nail traps in the walls that are very noisy and, at times, deadly. Finally there is the start area with a submerged entrance to the RL room and the central bridge area connecting several several sections of the map.

Unlike the other maps, E1M2 offers only a few shortcuts. The few there are are easy to perform as well. Obviously jumping over bridges like at the YA area is easy. The only other shortcut that is at least hard to find and involves some minimum strafe jumping skill is the jump to the SNG in the YA water area. Usually you can only access it by jumping down from the GL area and getting onto the ledge from the water seems to be impossible. But the threshold of the passage out of there is slightly higher than the rest of the ground. From there you can easily jump to the SNG ledge. Bunnyhopping plays a mayor part nowadays on this map because it is important to get from one area to the other in a short time.

Basic strategies

The strategy in E1M2 is to control the YA, GA and Quad areas. Unlike many other maps the RL is not camped. The reason is that defending the small room for a longer time is almost impossible since there is very little armor on the map and you easily frag yourself when shooting rockets in the tight quarters of the RL, especially when it gets crowded by enemies. Since there are only two armors (of which the Green one is quite weak), weapons other than the RL become more important. In this case it’s the SNGs. A SNG protected by an YA can easily defend against attacks, even with RLs.

Controling the important area requires good strategy and communication because positions are often switched. Usually one player waits until the YA spawns, takes it and then moves on to the Quad area. Enemies will often ‘bring’ you the RLs. Sometimes enemies that snatched an RL retreat to the Megahealth room an try to stock up on ammo and health before they go on to attack the Quad area. Since there is only a small entrance to that Megahealth area, its rather easy to defend so you can sit there until your teammates all have SNGs. The classic Quadrun on E1M2 takes care of that situation by cleaning the Megahealth room.

Attacks on the important area are either sneaky or involve flooding. There are only two ways to enter the YA/Quad area (besides spawning). Sometimes players with an RL will try to attack the YA area from below, from within the water. Once in a while they manage to get there unnoticed and might rocketjump right onto the YA or in the face of the guy camping there. Often areas are ‘flooded’ by attackers just with their shotguns. Since there is not much armor around this is a quite successful tactic.