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ezQuake Manual - E3M7: The Haunted Halls

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Tue 07-Oct-2003)

E3M7: The Haunted Halls


The Haunted Halls is a pretty small map with tight tunnels and many powerups. The respawns are easy to camp on this map, so a good clan with control can get many frags in a short time.

Items available




Important areas

This map is basically laid out as a string of rooms and areas connected by a few narrow corridors. There are two areas which are far more important then the rest of the map. One of them forms one end of the ‘string’ and contains RL, the Ring, the Pentagram, a Quad, a Megahealth and a Yellow armor. The second important area, somwhere in the middle of the map, holds another RL, a Quad, a Megahealth and a Yellow armor. The other extreme of the playing field contains the Grenade launcher, SNG and GA but doesn’t usually see much action during a game. The best use of this area is as a hide-out when things get rough in the rest of the map. The descriptions below start from here.

This is a fairly easy map in terms of shortcuts. There is no hard individual trick or good shortcut to be learned here. One easy shortcut you can use is to rocketjump up to the Pentagram instead of going past the RL on the bridge. Another very basic shortcut is to jump across the lava below the bridge. A funny thing to try in teamplay involes the cage (which is opened by shooting at a button on the wall) in the middle of the map. Put a teammate in the cage and let another teammate look at the RL Tower direction. When the teammate sees an enemy coming through the teleport destination, shoot on the button in the cage to telefrag him.

Basic strategies

Like all maps, it’s the eternal struggle to get the guns, armors and powerups under control. You fight until you get either of the RL areas under control and from there use a Quad to try and take over the other area. Instead of a Quad, the Pentagram can also be used to clear the tower area.

Once everything is under control, the positions would be one player at the bridge RL area, one at RA, one at the tower RL area and one chasing the probably hiding enemies in the GL to exit area.