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ezQuake Manual - QuakeWorld jumping

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Sat 16-Oct-2004)

QuakeWorld jumping

This guide was written by Cinclant and originally posted [here]( . Since it is easily the best guide to QW jumping techniques around, it became part of this QW guide rather than writing something inferior from scratch. Thank you for the excellent guide you wrote Cinclant! The third part of this guide explains the most advanced technique of QW jumping. Cinclant calls it speed jumping but nowadays it is known far and wide as bunnyhopping.

1. Strafe Jumping

Have you ever played a game of QW, and seen people jumping all over the place? Seen people jumping over huge areas and curling around corners? Seen people bouncing down hallways at ridiculous speeds? About now, if you can’t at least do the entry level skill jumps, you won’t get far in QW. DM games revolve around speed and types of jumping enables speed and agility, a way to escape or catch your opponent. I will link demos for each type of jump I try to explain, hopefully they will help demonstrate how to master it, and some will just be showing off what you can do with these new tricks.

Easiest to start at the beginning. As far as I know, there are 4 types of jumping in QW. I say as far as I know, as there may be kinds I don’t yet know of, and have yet to learn. The first is jumping, if you have trouble just jumping up and down, I suggest you stop reading here, and go buy Quake2. Strafe jumping is entry-level jumping. It involves using the strafe key to gain that little bit extra distance in your jump or that little bit of extra speed. A good example is the jump on DM2, from the ledge by the Teleporter over to the RA and MegaHealth. If you run straight, and when you jump off, hold forward AND a strafe direction key, you will just make it over. Pretty basic stuff. DM2 RA Jump There are variations on strafe jumping, you gain extra distance by curling the jump, that means approaching from an angle 90 degrees to your jump, then turning into the jump, while holding the strafe in that direction. An example is the RA jump on DM3. If you run up the stairs from the EYES entrance, and strafe left, turn left and jump you’ll quite easily make the jump to the other side of the RA. DM3 RA Jump All speed and distance is gained through the strafe keys while jumping. In QW, strafing is faster in mid-air than forward or backspeed. Also strafing and turning allows massive mid-air movement and control. This allows all these jumps to be done. Another example of a slightly different type of strafe jump is the DM3 jump from RA to YA. If you run from the RA passage towards EYES, and when you reach the ledge, strafe and right forward, jumping at the edge without hitting the right-hand-side wall, and slowly turning right, you’ll loop around to the upper YA ledge. The speed of which you turn right will determine where you end up. If you turn too quickly you’ll loop in a tight 180, and fall down :) If you turn too slow you’ll fly out towards the mound. Its down to practice to master it. DM3 Cross-Hub Jumping Another type of strafe-jumping is a basic type of bunny hopping. By strafing a direction, holding forward and jumping you can gain immediate speed from standing still, you can then repeat to hop along at a slow-medium pace. Its pointless when you know how to accel jump as it is a LOT slower. Strafe Jump Bunny-Hopping A handy strafe jump on DM2 is the one across the lava going down to the lower YA. You jump turning RIGHT and strafing RIGHT. DM2 Lava Jump Some very handy jumps on DM3 are the ones around the SNG area. Standard strafe jumping, sometimes made easier if you let go of forward while in mid-air to allow more precise control. Good for confusing people chasing you and cutting corners when you’re in a hurry. DM3 SNG Jumps ## 2. Acceleration Jumping

A lot harder to do and master, acceleration jumping is the next level up in skill. Accel jumping lets the player jump LARGE distance with a VERY small run-up. A perfect example is from the top of DM4 over to the steps ledge on the other side. To show how far extra an Accel jump takes you, the second demo shows an attempt with a normal strafe jump, with a big runup. DM4 Upper Ledge Jump DM4 Upper Ledge Failure In order to do this type of jumping, you need to know how to strafe jump, see above. Accel jumping can be used to bunny hop at fast speeds by itself, jump large distances, gain instant acceleration from standing still, or start up a SPEED JUMP. Speed jumping is the next section I’ll come to that later :) If you know how to do the RA jump, the one from one side to the other, you may know that there are a few ways to do this. Some people turn into the jump, and jump forward while strafing, this is fine, it works, but it doesn’t get you as far. If you use a curling jump like I mentioned above, you get more distance as you are actually moving sideways more than forwards. I said earlier that strafe speeds in mid-air are higher than forward or back speeds.

Accel jumping involves strafing one direction then another before taking off with the jump. If you’ve seen any demos from players who jump around a lot (ie. me) you may notice sometimes before they jump they look quickly left or right, then jump. A stand ng Accel jump can be done by running forward, then looking SLIGHTLY left and strafing LEFT only for a VERY short time, then turning and strafing RIGHT and FORWARD and JUMPING. What this means is that you’re strafing one direction for a very short time, then strafe jumping the other direction. This gives you a further jump, and accelerates your speed as well.

The turn and strafe in the wrong direction is VERY important for it to work. A perfect example of how useful this jump is, is the BRIDGE to RL jump on DM3. By coming down the stairs and strafing RIGHT while turning LEFT, then strafing LEFT and moving FORWARD and jumping at the edge, (GASP), then curling LEFT towards the ledge of the RL WINDOW. Its bloody hard to explain, the demo should hopefuly show how to do it a bit easier. Don’t expect to be able to do this jump straight away either, its pretty hard if you don’t know how. DM3 Bridge to RL Jump The above jump was a curling Accel jump, this next one is a reverse curly one :D Its quite a bit harder to do. You come from the YA towards the PENT WINDOW on DM3. Staying to the left of the UPPER BRIDGE, you strafe LEFT while turning RIGHT to face the far wall, then turn slightly RIGHT and strafe RIGHT to give yourself some clearing space, then strafe LEFT and turn LEFT into the JUMP towards the RL WINDOW. Bloody hell. Demo should show it, master Accel jumping normally before attempting this. DM3 Bridge to RL front Approach Slightly easier to explain, but still quite hard to do, is the RL to QUAD jump on DM2. Similar to the RA jump, except you must use an Accel jump to have the distance to reach the QUAD. This means strafing and looking LEFT, just before you strafe jump to the RIGHT. DM2 RL to QUAD You can do some pretty cool bunnyhopping with Accel jumping. Start off with a normal Accel jump, then when you land, strafe jump the other way. What I mean is, if you used RIGHT strafe to strafe jump, then when you land, strafe jump using your LEFT strafe. This will maintain your speed from the Accel jump. If you lose speed, simply Accel jump again. You can out-run most players using this technique. Remember its easiest to Accel jump around a corner, you gain a lot of speed, and its easier to take off cleanly. I had a bit of trouble making myself do Accel bunnyhops without moving into a speed jump, forgive me :) I’ll re-record this later on it should be a lot better. Accel Bunnyhopping ## 3. Speed Jumping

Speed jumping is a very skilled way of jumping. Not many people know how to use this type of jumping at all. It’s also quite hard to learn, especially if you don’t know how to do any of the jumps mentioned above. Speed jumping is a way of jumping that either lets you maintain your speed gathered from something else (ie a rocket jump) or pickup speed yourself and hoon along at an incredible rate. Speed jumping is unlike other jumping, because you do not use your forward key at all. When speed jumping, you only strafe left or right, and jump. Standing start speed jump. In order to do this its easiest to start with an Accel jump, so you’ll need to know how to do that. Start off with an Accel jump, and before you land, let go of forward and only hold a strafe direction.

Timing is very important, so when you land, keep holding strafe, and then jump. In mid-air its best if you change to the other strafe. When you land, repeat. If you slightly zig-zag, you get the best results. Also if you flick between strafes in mid-air (like strafe-running) then you also get good results. You should be able to keep up your speed without holding forward. When you reach a corner, simply strafe the direction of the corner, and use your mouse to steer. Since you aren’t holding forward, you can turn very very sharply, and not lose any speed. In fact you gain massive amounts of speed on corners. You can even turn basically 180 and keep your speed up, and even increase it. This is very hard to master, and some Windows servers (especially if run with priority) just don’t let you do it. E4M3 Speed Jumping, Standing Start E4M3 Speed Jumping, Rocket Start A good way to practice, is with the CTF mod. Use your grapple and fling yourself forwards, when you hit the ground, only hold strafe and jump when you hit. You should maintain all speed from your flight. Then when you hit again, repeat. Grappling helps you get your speed up quickly, and just practice keeping it up. Its quite a lot harder to get going from scratch. I used a Rocket Jump to simulate a grapple. E4M3 Speed Jumping RL Start Once you have speed jumping mastered, you can do a lot of neat tricks. Here’s some good examples :P Running up the stairs just outside the RL box on DM3, hopping along the top bridge and straight into the RL room. This can be done much cleaner and further than this demo I made, very tired right now, I’ll re-record it later. DM3 Bridge to RL Speed DM2 is a pretty flat map, and to save on health from rocket jumping around everywhere, you can start a speed jump and hoon quite quickly around the map. DM2 Map Hopping Not a jump you’d use in a game I suppose :) This jump shows how speed jumping can increase your jump distance dramatically. Though if you’ve seen the E4M3 ones you’d know that by now. DM6 Jump Across GL Platform