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ezQuake Manual - Maps

(automatic conversion from internal help - last edited Sat 16-Oct-2004)


Quake comes with more than 30 maps. Most of these are so called “episode” maps because they were gathered in the four episodes of single player mode. They can all be played in multiplayer though, some of them are really good maps in fact while others are just too large or not good enough. The game also comes with six maps specifically designed for deathmatch. There are 5 maps that stand out of all others and which are played the most. These are dm2, dm3, dm4, dm6 and e1m2. They are briefly explained below.

There are also thousands of custom maps available for Quake. Many are regularly used but there is only a handful which also get played in competitions. Sooner or later you will encounter the term “the big three” (or tb3). This means dm2, dm3 and e1m2 which are the most used maps in deathmatch teamplay. For playing strategies look in the strategies section.

DM2: Claustrophobopolis

Claustrophobia is the abnormal fear of being in an enclosed place. This is a feeling you can easily get when you are on this map the first time. It features many tight corridors, low ceilings and a complex design which makes it difficult to understand at first. It also has many switches, secrets and moving platforms. There is also a lot of deadly lava on the map unwary and unexperienced players often fall victim to. But once you understand the layout of the map you will like it because its perfect fighting grounds. Dm2 is both a popular map in teamplay as well as duel.

DM3: The Abandoned Base

Dm3 is a rather large map with many big rooms and a large watery area that has all the weapons and powerups Quake has. It seems quite complex at the first glance and without good map knowledge you can easily feel lost on it. But certain trickjumps and techniques make it smaller that it actually is. The fame of this level as a teamplay map goes even beyond the QW scene itself, its truly a classic and feels just right. On the other hand it is not much fun in 1on1 due to its sheer size.

DM4: The Bad Place

Being truly a bad place for newbies you can expect to finish your first games here with a negative score. The bottom of this rather small map has lots of the dreaded lava and experienced players know how to get you in there just to humiliate you. It is compromised of a large room with some smaller rooms surrounding and exiting into it. There are a few teleporters as well poviding even more connections which in the beginning often confuse new players. But in the end the map and how to play it in general is rather easily learned. As much as dm3 is praised as classic teamplay map, dm4 is perhaps the duel map of Quake.

DM6: The Dark Zone

Despite its name this is a rather brightly lit map which is perhaps the easiest to understand. It is popular in all modes of play, deathmatch, duel and teamplay, but opinions wether it is a good map for a certain mode (especially teamplay) differ a lot. What everybody agrees on is that it is a very good duel map. In my opinion it is perfect for understanding Quake, in fact everything i learned about Quake i learned on dm6 in the end, be it how to camp, the importance of armors, how to control a map, how to rocketjump or how to bunny hop.

E1M2: Castle of the Damned

A popular teamplay map that is also a good duel map. This level is one of the few exceptions where the rocketlauncher is not as important as it usually is. In fact you can afford not to camp or go for it all the time. The supernailgun together with the yellow armor makes up a powerful combination here. Usually you wait for the enemy to bring you the rocketlaunchers and once you got them you are even more powerful and he in an even worse situation. Playing this map promises a lot of carnage and fun when you know how to play it. This map is usually played in 4on4 deathmatch but it is not too shabby as a duel map either. Try it 1on1 for a different experience.

CMT4: Andromeda Nine (cmt version)

Originally an old custom map that was rarely played outside of the UK it was slightly modified for the Custom Map Tournament. Although not quite as popular as “the big three” yet it is now by far the most played custom map in teamdeathmatch tournaments. The layout of this large map is easier than it might seem at the first glance. The map is dominated by a large atrium and another rather large room each of which contain one of the ever so important armors. What sets it apart from other maps is that getting the pentagram of protection requires a coordinated team effort while the Quad room can be attacked from all important areas of the map within seconds.

Aerowalk: Aerowalk

It was the Australian community who discovered this map as one of the best duel maps ever before it also got adopted in other parts of the world. Not an easy map to master Aerowalk is an epitome of verticalness. While most Quake maps have quite horizontal layouts this map is the opposite. Walkways on several levels are running around a large central area. The different levels are connected by ramps, stairs, teleporters and some sort of jumppad. You can get to any place of the map within seconds - if you know how to and if you got the necessary skills. You cannot hide here and this map probably suits the modern fast playing style of Quake best.